How To Replace Dairy

Posted on 25. Oct, 2010 by in Video

With so many non-dairy options available, it’s not hard to give up milk. You can find all different kinds of milk alternatives at most grocery stores and not just soy. You’ll even find a lot of non-dairy milks right with the milk making it that much more convenient to buy. Here are some companies offering non-dairy milks. There are many more than this, these are just a few examples.


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  1. Zaga

    10. Nov, 2010

    Where are the common places to find this? I live in Mexico but because of my work I go to the States frequently, but never had seen something like this in Walmart for example, but I may not being seeing well. Where is a common store to find these products? hope you can help me!

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  2. Claire Gosse

    18. Nov, 2010

    I know that here in Canada Walmart sells soy milk and it is found in the regular dairy section. I don’t know if they have other non dairy products.

    The best place in the States to find all this stuff is probably Whole Foods. My other suggestion would be to go to the websites of the products you’re interested in and see if they have a store locater. Most do, and that way you can see exactly what stores sell those items.

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    • Claire Gosse

      18. Nov, 2010

      I also forgot to mention that there are some really great websites that sell a lot of this stuff. My favorite is
      I don’t know if they ship to Mexico but it’s worth a try 🙂

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  3. Kirsten Olson Malinee

    19. May, 2011

    Hi Claire, Thank you for these videos. They are very helpful for a complete newbie to vegan cooking. I have a question about the yogurts. Do they have live acidophilus cultures like the dairy based yogurts? Thank you! Kirsten

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  4. i hate being vegan

    18. Jun, 2011

    I gagged on Vanilla Silk. It tastes like peanut sweat. I’m afraid to even try the other milk substitutes. Thank you for the cheese recommendations. According to Daiya’s site, a store near me carries the mozzarella. I’m so hoping they have it > it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg > it tastes even remotely like cheese. I MISS PIZZA. Thanks again for listing all of this for us. If I can add even one more ingredient to my diet you will be my hero.

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